Skelmir CEE-J Java Virtual Machine for eCosPro

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Need to incorporate a JVM into your eCos based embedded device? Skelmir's CEE-J™ virtual machine is an optional middleware component for eCosPro that provides a straighforward way to add a high performance, small footprint, JVM into your design.

CEE-J is the market leading clean room embedded virtual machine implementation. Its the ideal embedded solution for hosting MHP, OSGi, browsers and other applications - delivering interactive content and applications with speed and clarity to your end users. Its also a mature and proven VM solution with over 2 million set top boxes shipping with CEE-J in Europe alone.

CEE-J for eCosPro Highlights

Standards Compliant
Compatible with the MHP 1.0.3 VM requirements. Passes Modena and Mauve test suites, and Espial partner validation.
The fastest VM on the embedded market. Machine code interpreter loop with dynamic code generation markedly increases speed while minimizing response time to the user. CEE-J integrates with Skelmir's static compiler so applications can be natively compiled for added speed and security.
The lowest usable footprint on the embedded virtual machine market. CEE-J's modular design enables scalability from a mini-VM to a full blown VM depending on size and functionality requirements. This results in a miniscule minimum VM footprint of around 80k and 15k for a minimal set of class libraries, scaling up to 2MB for the full VM and class library implementations.
Easily extend the virtual machine through either C or C++. Both JNI and Skelmir's own SNI, working in combination with GNU gcc are fully supported.
The eCosPro port of CEE-J coupled with CEE-J's modular design and overall architecture makes porting to new eCos based targets a straightforward undertaking. A wide range of architectures are supported including ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Coldfire, SuperH, Equator BSP, and x86.
Supports remote debugging using the standard JDWP protocol. Develop and debug applications using any JDWP-enabled IDE such as JBuilder or CodeWarrior.
Class Libraries
Clean room class library implementations include applet, awt, beans, io, lang, math, net, security, sql, text and util.
Solution Support
A range of profiles and stacks are available to support solutions in the areas of TV and multimedia, networking, cellphones and handhelds.
Third Party Support
Multiple 3rd party MHP and OSGi stacks implementations are available for CEE-J from wide range of suppliers including Espial, ProSyst, Wipro, Gatespace, Zentek, IDWay, and ICT.
Customization and Customer Support
The team responsible for the design and development of CEE-J provide customer support, and are available for porting, customization and optimization contracts for your target platform.

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For information regarding pricing and services please contact us for a detailed discussion. For additional technical information see the CEE-J flyer and browse Skelmir's website.