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Porting software from one RTOS to another can be time consuming and complex. OS Changer compatibility solutions enable developers to move an embedded application from their previous RTOS to eCos, with the minimum of time and effort.

OS Changer allows developers to easily port an existing application codebase from their old RTOS to eCos and continue development using the familiar API. By providing wrapper-less RTOS abstraction APIs, Unix-style device I/O APIs, and a set of core ANSI APIs, OS Changer provides an off-the-shelf RTOS application porting solution. OS Changer greatly reduces development/testing effort and related risks, ensuring a smooth and successful RTOS transition.

OS Changer

With OS Porting and Abstraction Lab (OS PAL) you can easily port, abstract and optimize your code on a host machine and run the application on different target platforms. OS PAL leverages the existing OS Changer technologies while adding advanced code optimization capacities on multiple OS environments. OS PAL provides users an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is integrated with the Eclipse® based CDT environment.

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