The eCosPro-MODBUS package in an optional middleware component for eCos that implements a MODBUS server, a ModbusTCP transport layer, and provides an API to enable applications to implement the actual hardware interaction as required.


The eCosPro-MODBUS package, including full source code and documentation, are integrated into all eCosPro releases (eCosPro v3.2.0 release or later). The included MODBUS functionality is by default licensed for internal evaluation ONLY. A commercial license is required in order to gain technical support and to distribute products that include any eCosPro-MODBUS functionality. Licensing is product-based with product, product range and company buyout options.

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For additional technical details please read the eCosPro-MODBUS related chapters of the eCosPro online documentation. Contact us for a detailed discussion regarding the eCosPro-MODBUS package and any pricing, technical or commercial questions you may have.