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Version 1.0, May 2018

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Cookies” are small pieces of data (text files) that may be placed on your device by a website when you visit it in order to remember information about you. The Cookies” our websites use fall into three classes:

1. Cookie Classes

  1. Essential
    These Cookies contain no personally identifiable information. They are strictly necessary in order for our websites to function correctly and as such are permissable by law. Their use (i) provides access to our products and services; (ii) assists with navigation; (iii) enables your access to social media features; and (iv) enables your ability to make queries and provide feedback. more...
  2. Functional
    These non-essential Cookies allow personalisation of our websites, and retain your personal preferences and contain no personally identifiable information. more...
  3. Analytics
    These are non-essential Cookies which operate anonymously. They are optional and allow us to analyse your use of our products and services, assist us with our promotional and marketing efforts and allow us to analyse our traffic. more...

You can opt out of any individual Cookie category, with the exception of the Essential category which is strictly necessary for our websites to function.

2. Website Privacy and Usage Policies

Use of our websites is also governed by our Privacy and Usage Policies.

3. Acceptance of Policies and Settings

By clicking Accept in the form below, you:

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4. Cookie Settings

Your Cookie Preference is:

The checked classes above indicate which class of Cookies will be used by our websites on your device. You may withdraw permission at any time for individual non-essential classes by visiting his page, deselecting the corresponding class and clicking Accept. Similarly you may grant permission by selecting the corresponding class and clicking Accept.

By withdrawing permission, we will no longer make use of the cookies although they will still exist on your device.

You may also withdraw all permission and erase all the cookies this website uses by selecting the Erase Website Cookies button below. This will close active login sessions with this website, close sessions within our other associated websites and will remove your Cookie preferences which will need to be restored if you wish to continue to use our websites.

If you configure your web browser to refuse all our Cookies, you will not be able to access the secure areas of our websites or use all of their functionality.