eCosPro Eclipse/CDT Plugin Install and Update Site

This procedure installs the eCosPro Eclipse/CDT Plugin for Eclipse and its dependent components from the Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tool) Plugin. These instructions assume that you have already installed some flavour of Eclipse. If you have not, Eclipse can be downloaded from


Update sites

If you are already familiar with installing Eclipse plugins, you can just use the update site URL below for your version of Eclipse.

Eclipse 4.2(Juno)

Eclipse 3.8 and prior releases

Releases of Eclipse prior to 4.2 are not supported from this plugin update site.

eCosPro Eclipse/CDT Plugin for Eclipse Installation Instructions

  1. Start Eclipse, then select Help > Install New Software...

  2. In the Available Software dialog that appears, select "Available Software Sites" outlined in red in the illustration below:

    Available Software Dialog
  3. In the Preferences dialog that appears, confirm that both the Juno and The Eclipse Project Updates software sites are in the list of Available Software Sites and are checked to indicate they are enabled. If they are not checked, check them and select OK.

    Available Software Sites

    If either of these do not appear, add the missing sites by selecting Add and in the new Add Site dialog that appears enter into the Name and Location fields, the following value pairs, followed by OK:

    Name Location
    The Eclipse Project Updates

    Add Site

    Once both sites have been added, select OK in the Preferences dialog to close it.

  4. Back in the Available Software dialog, enter the update site URL into the Work with text box:

    and press the Add key.

    Available Software

  5. The pop-up dialog below appears. Enter eCosCentric into the Name: field and select OK.

    Add Repository

  6. At this point you will be required to provide login details for For the Username and Password, enter your login and password used for accessing the eCosPro Developer's kit Portal and bugzilla support portal respectively. Check Save password before selecting OK.

    Login required

    Note: The login details that provide access to this update site will only remain valid while you have an active support contract with eCosCentric and will expire automatically as soon as you no longer have an active support contract.

  7. If you have not already set up a master password, a new one will be created for you by eclipse and you will be prompted to provide additional information for password recovery. While it is not essential, you are recommended to do so now by selecting Yes and providing two sets of questions and answers that will allow recovery of passwords from secure storage.

    Master Password

  8. At this point you should see the dialog below:

    Available Software

    If you open eCosCentric C/C++ development tools for eCosPro you will see CDT extensions for eCosPro application development . Select the checkbox next to the required option CDT extensions for eCosPro application development and click Next.

    If you do not immediately see the above option and see There are no categorized items instead, uncheck Group items by category and the required option should appear.

    Note:For multi-user installations where the administrator of the computer has performed the installation of Eclipse and non-administrators (users) run Eclipse, the plugin installation must be performed by an administrator if it is to be run by all the users of the computer. If the plugin is not installed by an administrator it will only be available to the user that installed the plugin.

  9. Review the feature you are about to install and click Next.

  10. Read the license agreements. If you agree select I accept the terms of the license agreements and click Finish. If you do not agree, click Cancel to cancel the installation and contact support immediately.

    Review Licenses

  11. Wait while Eclipse downloads any dependencies as well as the plugin.

    Installing Software

    Click OK on the Security Warning

    Security Warning

  12. Once the software has been installed, you will be asked if you would like to restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect. Click Yes.

    Restart Eclipse

  13. You are now ready to begin developing eCosPro applications. For further instructions please refer to the eCosPro Eclipse/CDT plugin documentation.

Troubleshooting Installation

The operation cannot be completed

If you get an error message such as the one below, the most likely cause is that you do not have the Juno and The Eclipse Project Updates sites enabled as described above.

Install Failure

Select Back and follow the instructions provided above to add or enable the sites and try again. If the problem persists, please file a Bug Report.

Saved login details were not accepted

If the popup below appears when attempting to install a new component, update the plugin or just check for updates, you may have changed your bugzilla password or your support contract may have expired (you must have an active support contract in order to access the update site).

Login detail not accepted

Steps to resolve this issue are:

  1. If you changed your bugzilla password, enter the new password now and press OK.
  2. Login to the eCosPro Developer's Kit Portal and verify you have an active support contract. If there is an active support contract please email Support immediately to notify them of this problem. If there is no active support contract and you wish to renew, email eCosCentric for the latest pricing information.