Management Team

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The management team at eCosCentric all have backgrounds in software engineering with many years of experience in operating systems and the embedded systems market.

Alex Schuilenburg, MSc, Managing Director

Alex has a deep background in software development covering a wide array of projects and skills. The majority of his career has been spent in the real-time and embedded systems sectors. His experience includes numerous operating systems, assembler, C and C++, as well as other coding and scripting languages, low level hardware, multiple CPU architectures, and internet technologies. He was the embedded run-time engineering manager of the Red Hat eCos group and managed the Helios operating systems group while at Perihelion. His management experience includes project management, engineering team management, technical sales support and customer support.

Paul Beskeen, BSc, Director of Engineering & Chairman of the Board

Paul's career has focused on the engineering and technical management of embedded operating systems and related software. His career started at Perihelion Software, a company specialising in parallel and embedded operating systems. A ten year stint at Perihelion culminated with his appointment as Technical Director (CTO) of the company. During this period he was also contracted by the European Union Commission for review and recommendation of technical proposals in the pan-European ESPRIT research programme. Paul subsequently worked for Virtuality Inc, a developer of virtual reality hardware and software, as manager of its Operating Systems group. In 1996 Paul joined Cygnus Solutions as Director of Engineering, tasked with building and heading up a team to create an open source operating system designed specifically for the embedded space - eCos. Following the merger of Cygnus Solutions with Red Hat, Paul continued in this role combined with contract definition and negotiation for embedded projects within the business affairs team.

Nick Garnett, PhD, Chief Technical Officer

Nick has over three decades of experience in system software development including workstation, server, desktop, distributed, parallel, embedded and real-time systems. Awarded a PhD from Cambridge University in networking systems, Nick is the kernel architect of eCos and is also a senior eCos maintainer. While at Cygnus and Red Hat, Nick was responsible for the design and implementation of the kernel, various HAL ports and the POSIX and file IO packages. At Metacomco he was part of the team that developed AmigaDOS for the Commodore Amiga. At Perihelion he designed and implemented the Helios Parallel Operating System for the Inmos Transputer as well as the compiler, assembler and linker, which were subsequently adopted by Inmos as their standard toolchain. Nick also ported the BSD network stack and many other subsystems and applications to Helios. At Virtuality, Nick was involved in systems support for high performance virtual reality graphics and sound systems.

Jonathan Larmour, MA, Chief Development Engineer

Jonathan is the chief maintainer of the eCos RTOS. He is responsible for the development of the eCos ISO C library and parts of the POSIX and EL/IX compatibility layer. His key skills include flexibility and adaptability, from low-level device drivers, eCos HAL ports, OS aware hardware debugger integration, to high level libraries and documentation. Jonathan brings a strong quality assurance and customer support focus to the management team.

Daniel Morris, BEng CEng MIET, Sales & Marketing Director

Daniel brings to eCosCentric a sharp customer focus honed over the last 19 years in high volume consumer electronics and software sales. His commercial expertise, intimate knowledge of the embedded market and eCos experience are a great asset to eCosCentric. Prior to joining eCosCentric, Daniel worked for Red Hat, Sony, Hewlett Packard (now Agilent) and Fujitsu. He was responsible for Red Hat's OEM & Embedded sales in EMEA as well as key Enterprise accounts within the Nordic & Benelux regions. He was also Senior Engineer at Sony where he led the team that produced their most successful Digital Set Top Box within the European market to date. His experience includes SmartCard and driver development, VHDL, BSP porting, network and Third-party Relationships management as well as software development for ASIC design.