eCosPro training

eCosCentric are proud to provide the premier eCosPro training course. The course combines hands-on sessions with high quality technical content. It brings engineers rapidly up to speed with the eCosPro development environment, key RTOS APIs and overall understanding of the structure and capabilities of eCosPro.

The sessions are delivered by authoritative eCosPro developers that can answer questions based on a deep understanding and experience of eCosPro and embedded development.

Training is given on-site for up to 8 engineers. Public courses are also scheduled on a periodic basis.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to eCos
    rationale, history, features, tools, licensing, RedBoot
  • Configurability
    CDL concepts, conflicts, inference, templates
  • Building applications
    eCos repository, build and install trees, compiler switches, Eclipse IDE
  • Configuration tools
    configuration tasks, memory layout, running tests, package administration
  • RedBoot
    features, compilation, installation
  • eCos debugging support
    symbols, optimisation, assertions, tracing, diagnostics
  • Debugging tools
    GDB, stepping, breakpoints, inspecting state, Eclipse IDE
  • Kernel overview
    scheduler choice, synchronisation, timing, interrupts, exceptions
  • Kernel C API
    startup, main(), data types, thread manipulation, counters, alarms, clocks, semaphores, mutexes, condition variables, memory pools, event flags, message boxes
  • Other eCos packages
    hardware packages, non-hardware packages, TCP/IP networking, POSIX compatibility
  • Package authoring
    rationale, repository layout, naming conventions, package versioning, package database, CDL scripts, distribution

Where possible we use your own target hardware for the hands-on sessions, providing your team with an experience that is most directly applicable to their work.

Hands-On Laboratory Session
  • Use of the graphical and command-line eCos host tools
  • Use of the GNU build and debugging tools
  • Download and execution of eCos application code on embedded hardware
  • Use of the TCP/IP networking stack
  • Use of the RedBoot command line
  • Generation of a new eCos package

Content is kept up to date as the eCosPro runtime and tools evolve and new features are added. The training course can also be customised to suit your specific individual requirements. This can be an extremely effective way of getting your software project team up to speed with eCos, providing them with detailed instruction on the aspects of greatest relevance to your project.

Discounts and special arrangements are available for academic institutions. For details of rates and calendar availability, please contact us.