eCos Mercurial repositories and eCos Snapshots



Developers who wish to take advantage of the very latest public eCos features and ports can do so by checking out eCos from the eCosCentric Mercurial or Sourceware CVS repositories. Mercurial and CVS allows users to update their local eCos repository on an incremental basis rather than by downloading an entirely new repository. For most people, Mercurial is the best option as it provides a http transport mechanism to download the repository and updates which is permitted by most corporate firewalls. The CVS pserver protocol is less typical and more than often blocked.

Mercurial and CVS

The eCos source repository is currently held in CVS on However, CVS is unfortunately showing its age and a proposal has been put forward to switch eCos source control to a Distributed Revision Control System (DRCS). As eCosCentric favours Mercurial it has undertaken the conversion of the public eCos CVS repository to Mercurial and made this available at The Mercurial repository mirrors the public eCos sources and is updated weekly from CVS on

To clone the main eCos Development tree in Mercurial:

hg clone

Users may also download the tip of the current public eCos development repository, or any of it's previous releases, in .zip, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 format through the above link.

CVS Snapshots (discontinued)

The weekly CVS snapshots provided by eCosCentric were discontinued on 7 December 2009 in favour of Mercurial downloads.