eCos H8/300 Support



The eCos public repository contains support for a number of boards in the Renasas H8/300 family. Support is limited to the H8/300H and H8S processors which feature a 32-bit internal architecture. There is also support for the H8/300 simulator. However, the default configuration of the H8/300 toolchain provided by the GNU packages currently recommended for eCos development (GCC 3.2.1, binutils 2.13.1, GDB 5.3) has a number of deficiencies:

Patches are available for GCC 3.2.1 and Insight 5.3 that address these problems and allow eCos to run in the H8/300 simulator.


The patches for GCC 3.2.1 and Insight 5.3 may be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

To apply the patches:

The H8/300 toolchain may now be built by following the toolchain building instructions on the eCos open source website, using h8300-elf as the TARGET name.

Prebuilt toolchains for both Linux and Windows hosts are available from eCosCentric. Please contact us for further details.