eCosPro Software Licenses Overview


eCosPro Software Licenses Overview

The eCosPro Distribution Software Licenses Agreement (PDF) contains all the licenses that govern the use of the software incorporated within an eCosPro Distribution.

Examples of eCosPro Distributions include all eCosPro Developer's Kits and eCosPro Starter Kits sold by eCosCentric.

Since May 2018, eCosPro has been licensed under a dual license that applies to eCosCentric intellectual property embodied in source code within the distribution:

  1. eCosPro Non-Commercial Public License: This is the primary license and permits free use (subject to the license's terms and conditions) of the software for Non-´╗┐Commercial purposes; or
  2. eCosPro License: This license can only be purchased from eCosCentric, either separately or as part of a greater piece of work, and permits Commercial use (subject to the license's terms and conditions) of the software.

The eCosPro Distribution Software Licenses Agreement includes the dual-licensed eCosPro and the core eCos Public License that covers other parts of the runtime source code (the eCos Public License is a non-viral variant of the GPL). Some subsidiary runtime software packages are covered by the BSD (primarily the BSD and lwIP network stacks) and ZLIB (the zlib compression library) licenses.

The host tool sources are covered either by the GPL (GNU compiler tools, eCos configuration tools) or by the Eclipse Public License (Eclipse IDE).

Documentation is either covered by the Open Publication License or one of the eCosPro Licenses (either Non-Commercial or Commercial).

The eCosPro Software Licenses Compliance Guide provides background information and a set of guidelines to follow when releasing eCosPro based products. The guidlines help ensure your products correctly comply with the various requirements stipulated in the open source licenses used in the eCosPro distribution.