eCosCentric partners with Blue Water Embedded, introduces eCosPro-Prism

CAMBRIDGE, UK and FORT GRATIOT, MI -- July 15, 2010 -- eCosCentric Limited, the eCos and RedBoot experts, today announced the availability of eCosPro-Prism, a certified port of the Prism Runtime Framework graphical user interface development tools to eCosCentric's range of eCosPro® Developer's Kits and custom eCosPro releases. Prism Runtime Framework, developed by Blue Water Embedded, Inc., is a portable, feature rich, small footprint GUI created for the embedded space and is an ideal match for the eCos real-time operating system.

eCosCentric will provide front-line support for eCosPro-Prism deployments and will expand its range of porting and consulting services to provide Prism driver development and optimisation services for eCosPro applications. eCosCentric will also offer a number of complete off-the-shelf development board ports certified with eCosPro-Prism.

"Design teams need the right tools and environment to swiftly transform their creative ideas into realisable products that appeal to end-users. eCosPro-Prism delivers on this goal without forcing undue compromises on the cost-effectiveness of the hardware platform." said Paul Beskeen, Chairman and Director of Engineering at eCosCentric. Typically, eCosPro-Prism's small footprint is perfect for resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones, GPS units, medical devices, industrial controllers and home security appliances.

"We are excited to be partnering with eCosCentric which enables us to offer our common customers a complete graphical solution for developing a broad spectrum of embedded devices. We believe this is an ideal technical solution for bringing captivating new products to the consumer, industrial and medical markets." said John Cuthbertson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Blue Water Embedded.

eCosPro-Prism is delivered with Prism Insight a desktop UI design and resource editing tool, allowing for rapid prototyping and development of graphical applications on a Windows or Linux host development system. Prism Insight allows the user interface to be designed completely using the drag-and-drop WYSIWYG environment. A comprehensive resource editor allows buttons, menus and other widgets to be defined with the exact appearance required. The Animation Designer allows specific screen flows to be selected from a wide range of built-in or even custom screen transition effects and animations. Prism Insight generates output which is compatible with the Prism Runtime Framework. A combination of supported data output formats can be chosen, depending on the requirements and capabilities of the target system. Prism Insight can produce ANSI C/C++ source code, XML screen description files, and binary resource files ready to compile and run on a resource constrained target. eCosPro-Prism is delivered with full source code and royalty free, with a free evaluation kit available.

About eCosPro

eCosPro is a stable, fully tested and supported version of the eCos open source real-time operating system and RedBoot bootstrap firmware. The eCosPro Developer's Kit is a distribution of eCosPro with commercial support & advice, prebuilt eCos host tools, compiler tool chains, full documentation, Eclipse-based integrated development environment to streamline eCos application development, C++ runtime (including Standard Template Library) as well as profiling, code coverage and memory allocation debugging tools. Middleware components certified with eCosPro include a Java virtual machine, an in-memory database, graphical user interfaces, security libraries, Bluetooth, CANopen, and USB compliant host, device & OTG stacks and flash file-systems.

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About eCosCentric

Founded in April 2002, eCosCentric is the leading provider of eCos and RedBoot support, training, development and consulting services worldwide. Staffed by the original eCos creators and highly experienced embedded system and software engineers, eCosCentric provides complete solutions consisting of run-time systems, complementary host tools and certified third party applications.

About Blue Water Embedded, Inc.

Blue Water Embedded, Inc. is the leading provider of graphics software for high performance user interfaces in embedded devices. The engineers at Blue Water Embedded have decades of combined experience delivering quality graphical software solutions for use by embedded developers. Our commitment to quality and customer service makes Blue Water Embedded the software partner of choice for companies creating a wide assortment of products used in medical, consumer, security, telematics, and industrial applications.

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